Emergency Online Classrooms

At Holy Family School, we will strive to continue to deliver instruction and curriculum to our students even if school is closed for an extended period of time.  Online tools will be implemented.  If your home does not have internet, This Program could help. Local internet providers are required to offer basic service for low-income families at about $10 monthly.

  • Grades 1 and 2 will use Classroom Ninja and Communication tools that the parents are used to.  Ipads will be available for students to take home if devices are needed.
  • Grades 3-12 have all received, and are familiar with using, google school accounts.  With those logins, students and staff have full use of the full Gsuite for Education. Chromebooks and/or PC laptops will be available for students to take home if devices are needed. In addition to google tools, students will also have access to Sycamore Education for up to date information about grades and teacher communication.  Contact Mrs. Lindgren if they need Sycamore or Google login help.

Students can participate in class activities from a wide variety of devices including smartphones, desktops, laptops, iPads or district-owned Chromebooks and iPads in a hybrid model of synchronous and asynchronous activities.


For grades 3-12 teachers, we will be using a combination of send home packets, Sycamore Education and Google Classroom for instruction.  With most of the country using google classroom, there is a chance of massive failure.  Instructions and attachments can also be shared in our Sycamore Classroom pages. Posting planned curriculum on both platforms would help ensure electronic availability. Google classroom is the most robust option if it remains functional.

The links below provide educators with a step-by-step guide through creating online classrooms using the Gsuite for Education. Using Google Classroom and Google Meet, teachers can maintain the daily flow of class activities and assignments, and even keep to the district bell schedule of classes in the event of an emergency school closure.


Google Classroom “Quick Start” Videos – These 3-5 minute mini-lessons from the WSWHE school are designed to give a “just the facts” overview of setting up your classes in Google Classroom. Thank you to their technology team for sharing them!

Wakelet Collection  to help build online curriculum.
FREE offers from Vendors to help with possible closure needs.
Resources from Google:
  • Teach from anywhere:  Keep your students learning with these lessons to teach digital skills, even when you’re not together.
  • Learn from anywhere: These lessons show you how to learn effectively using digital tools, from the comfort of your own home.
  • Work from anywhere: Use these lessons to learn digital skills that will keep you working efficiently, even when you can’t communicate in person.