Faculty Technology Policy

Faculty Handbook Section

Section 4 Use of District Computer Network, Internet, and Technology

Teachers have access to the Districts computer network and the Internet for the enhancement and support of student instruction. It is important to remember that the equipment and the software are the property of the school district.

In using the computers and the Internet, teachers are agreeing to the following:

1. Since copyright laws protect software, teachers will not make unauthorized copies of software found on school computers by any means. Teachers will not give, lend, or sell copies of software to others unless the original software is clearly identified as shareware or in the public domain.

2. If a teacher downloads public domain programs for personal use or non- commercially redistributes a public domain program, the teacher assumes all risks regarding the determination of whether a program is in the public domain.

3. Teachers shall not access material that is obscene, or otherwise inappropriate matter for educational or work-related uses or contrary to the Districts mission. Teachers are not permitted to knowingly access information that is profane, obscene or offensive toward a group or individual based upon race, gender, national origin or religion. Further, teachers are prohibited from placing such information on the Internet.

4. Teachers will protect the privacy of other computer users’ areas by not accessing their passwords without written permission. Teachers will not copy, change, read, or use another person’s files. Teachers will not engage in ≥hacking≈ or otherwise attempt to gain unauthorized access to system programs or computer equipment.

5. Teachers will not use computer systems to disturb or harass other computer users by sending unwanted mail or by other means.

6. Teachers will not disclose their passwords and account names to anyone or attempt to ascertain or use anyone else’s password and account name.

7. Teachers will not attempt to login to the system as a system administrator.

8. Teachers understand that the intended use of all computer equipment is to meet instructional objectives.

9. Teachers will not waste or take supplies, such as paper, printer ribbons, toner, and diskettes that are provided by the District.

10. Teachers will not use the network for financial gain or for any commercial or illegal activity.

11. Attempts to bypass security systems on computer workstations or servers, or vandalism will result in cancellation of privileges and may result in further consequences. Malicious attempts to harm or destroy data of another teacher, or data that resides anywhere on the network or on the Internet, or the uploading or creation of computer viruses are forbidden.

12. The District will not be responsible for any liabilities, costs, expenses, or purchases incurred by the use of the Districts telecommunications systems such as the Internet. This includes, but is not limited to, the purchase of on line services or products. The teacher is solely responsible for any such charges. The teachers acceptance of an email account is an acceptance of the teachers agreement to indemnify the District for any expenses, including legal fees, arising out of the teacher≠s use of the system in violation of the agreement.

13. The Internet will be supplied for your use on an “as is, as available” basis. The District does not imply or expressly warrant that any information you access will be valuable or fit for a particular purpose or that the system will operate error free.

14. The District is not responsible for the integrity of information accessed, or software downloaded from the Internet.

15. The District reserves the right to refuse posting of files, and to remove files.

16. The District further reserves the right to inspect a teachers computer and computer usage at any time. Teachers have no privacy rights or expectations of privacy with regard to use of the Districts computers or Internet system.

17. The computer system is not a public forum. It is provided for the limited purpose of advancing the Districts mission.

18. A technology protection measure is in place that blocks and/or filters Internet access to prevent access to Internet sites that are not in accordance with policies and regulations. In addition to blocks and/or filters, the District may also use other technology protection measures or procedures as deemed appropriate. The technology protection measure that blocks and/or filters Internet access may be disabled only by an authorized staff member for bona fide research or educational purposes:

(a) who has successfully completed district training by the on proper disabling circumstances and procedures,

(b) with permission of the immediate supervisor of the staff member requesting said disabling, or

(c) with the permission of a building administrator.

An authorized staff member may override the technology protection measure that blocks and/or filters Internet access for a minor to access a site for bona fide research or other lawful purposes provided the minor is monitored directly by an authorized staff member. Any violation of any part of this agreement or any other activity which school administrators deem inappropriate will be subject to disciplinary action. Discipline could include but would not be limited to, the immediate suspension or termination of the teachers Internet account and computer privileges, reprimand, suspension, or termination.