2023 DI Team

DI(Destination Imagination) returned to LHF this year! One team, made up of 8th graders Katelyn P, Karley K, Haydan B, and Paisley W are competing at the middle school level.  Norma Preister is their team manager, and Darci Lindgren is their appraiser.

Holy Family’s DI team competed at the Twin Rivers Regional Tournament on February 25 in Omaha, received 2nd place, and were able to advance to Affiliate Finals.  At Affiliate Finals in Kearney on April 1, they got 2nd (nearly tied for first) and are advancing to Global Finals. Global finals are scheduled for May 20-23 in Kansas City, MO.

They are working in the Far Fetched Scientific Challenge. 

Details of the “Far Fetched” challenge:
Have you ever heard a story that seemed too amazing to be true? In this season’s Scientific Challenge, your team will show how science can be used to put the impossible to the test. Is the story fact, or is it just a tall tale?

  • Present a team-created story in the style of a tall tale.
  • Include an exaggerated character with a hyperbolic trait.
  • Design and build a theatrical embellishment that enhances the hyperbolic trait.
  • Present a scientific analysis to determine whether or not the exaggerated character could actually exhibit the hyperbolic trait as described in the tall tale.
  • Create and present two Team Choice Elements that show off the team’s interests, skills, areas of strength, and talents.

In addition to the team challenge, all DI teams also have to participate in a secret ‘instant challenge’ for a significant portion of completion final score. Team work, thinking on your feet, and problem solving are all involved. More information can be found at IDODI.org