Sign up for Fall College Classes

Here are some college classes our students usually take while Seniors at LHF.  College Calculus, 5 credit hours – year long, is taught by Mrs. Becky Lindgren over Distance Learning 3rd period. (NECC registration will be filled out in Fall 2020. $65/credit hour.)

Miss Miller will be offering for Seniors -ENGL 1010 DCWD1 English Composition, 3 credit hours, Fall 2019 and Intro to Literature ENGL 2100, 3 credits, Spring 2020. Both taken during her Senior English class for college Credit through CCC if students want (registration during her classes next year, $105/credit hour.)

Other classes can be taken online, and no direct instruction, so schedule can be flexible.

All other CCC classes listed below will need signed up for BEFORE leaving for the summer – these classes fill up.  Get a registration form from Mrs. Lindgren ASAP – needs parent signature.

CCC College Classes                                                             hours                    prerequisites

ENGL 1020 DCWD1 Writing and Research              3 credit hours                    Engl 1010

SPCH 1110 DC602 Public Speaking                             3 credit hours                    Placement scores on file

(No books or online resources to be purchased for above courses)

MATH 2170 DCWD1 Applied Statistics                     3 credit hours                    ACT 22(math)

MATH 1150 DHWB4 College Algebra                        3 credit hours                    ACT 22 (math)

(need to purchase online course ~ $100)

PSYC 1810 DCWD1 Introduction to Psychology    3 Credit hours                    Placement scores on file

(we have old books here with helpful highlights, but may be all online in 2019)

SOCI 1010 DCWD1 Introduction to Sociology        3 Credit hours                    Placement scores on file

(no book information available right now, may be all online)

POLS 1000 DHWD1 American government            3 Credit Hours                   Placement Scores on file

Government class will really help with Extemp speech competitions!

Cost – $105 / credit hour