2018 Veterans Day Program

full video: http://bit.ly/LHFvets2018

Thank You From Mrs. Jeanette Korth

I want to thank all of you for all the extra things you did to make the Veteran’s day program a success.  I appreciate everyone’s help.  Thank you to the teachers who did not give me too much grief about messing up the schedule.  Thanks to Mr. Bishop for being a great MC every year.  Mr. Mimick, thank you for being so gracious about setting up the gym and disrupting your P.E. classes.  Thanks to the P.E. class who set up chairs and got the gym ready. Thanks to Darci, again for her technical support-we all know that stuff is way above my head. Thanks, Jenny Herchenbach for getting the program typed and run off, when you certainly had other things on your mind. Miss Steffen, the music was awesome, and I heard so many compliments about how well the kids sang-they sounded great.  Thanks to the high school girls-you got “drafted” into dressing in crazy outfits, and serving the Veterans, you looked adorable.  Don’t laugh too hard at the styles, they always cycle back.  My Little Lindsay Singers-you did a super job!!  And, of course, you can keep your tee shirts-I don’t really have a need for 13 identical girls shirts.  Zach, Matthew and Turner, thank you for greeting and signing in our Veterans-it is a challenge to catch them all.  Mrs. Catterson, Mrs. Preister, and Ms. Wiese thanks for going along with my crazy ideas and getting all dolled up for the program.  You all looked beautiful.

Kristen Bender, Deb Sueper, Sue Bender and Lauren Korth for making the cookies and coffee.  Kristen Bender, Sherry Lindhorst, Cindy Lindhorst, Diane Jarecki, Tiffany Wiese, Kelsey Klassen,  and Norma Preister thanks also for helping with hair and makeup.  Mrs. Gaspers-thank goodness for your costume closet that we all raid.  Thanks to my right and left arm woman-who works so hard behind the scenes-Tara Preister.  Preston S, you did a great job with your reading-you have a great speaking voice!  And finally, Raquel (Carly P) and Miss World(Jenna P)-you were amazing.  You are beautiful girls inside and out and I am so proud of you.  You got thrown into this and you stepped up to the challenge.  Thank you to all.

To the rest of the cast-Bob Hope-Zach Hemmer, Bing Crosby-Glenn Beller, Phyllis Diller-Michelle Preister, Jerry Colonna-Lyle Davidson,  and Erica Wessel-singing “Silent Night,” you all went above and beyond to put this all together-Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And thanks to my family who put up with a crazy schedule, helping with the technical parts, covering the cafeteria so the hairdressers could do their thing, creating posters, tee shirts, choreographing dances, and hair ribbons-you really stepped up whenever I needed you.

Ms. Steffen and the kiddos who sang yesterday at the Newman Grove nursing home-I heard you Wowed them.  One of the Veterans who never comes to the party, came out of his room and listened-and they said it brought tears to his eyes.  What a gift it is to bring joy to others.  Good Job!

Thanks to all…….. and God Bless You!!

Jeanette Korth