EHA Wellness Boston Marathon

LHF had a team of six faculty members participate in the Educator’s Health Alliance “Boston Marathon” challenge during the month of April.  Andy Bishop, Jenny Herchenbach, Darci Lindgren, Chelsea Preister, Natalie Ramaekers, and Jennifer Rautenberg all completed tasks pertaining to four challenges daily.  All received virtual miles for completing 30 minutes of exercise, sleeping 7-9 hours, drinking at least 5 cups of water, eating 2 servings of fruit and 3 servings of vegetables – all for five days a week.  Our team successfully completed the 26.2 virtual miles, and received t shirts for participating.  Final placing was 79th place out of 145 teams.  Jennifer Rautenberg was chosen as one of the lucky winners of a $25 gift card for participating! EHA wellness is a program to help promote wellness and healthy living for all faculty and staff throughout Nebraska’s education community.