Fund Raisers

Catholic Order of Foresters Run/Walk fund raiser will be held October 8, 2006.  Every student, family member, and faculty member are encouraged to participate!!  If you are interested in participating or pledging, please call Cindy Klassen at 402-428-2558.

S.O.S: Save our Subscriptions: We will be conducting a magazine subscription fund-raiser to raise money for programs and activities that benefit our students. If you have subscriptions that need to be renewed, or you would like to subscribe to a new magazine Please SAVE your orders for our fund-raiser. Plan to give magazine subscriptions as gifts this year.

Lindsay Cooperative Market Cash Register Tapes: From September 1, until March 30, we will be able to turn cash register tapes collected from Linday Cooperative Market into valuable and important educational equipment free of charge that we otherwise would only dream of getting. To get our program started, you can help us by shopping at Lindsay. Then give your register tapes to you child to bring to school for deposit. Ask your neighbors, friends, and co-workers to collect tapes too!

Cambell’s Soup Labels: Save those soup labels. These can be turned in for school supplies or equipment.

General Mills Box Tops For Education: This year, the elementary are raising money for school supplies. The goal is 15 box tops per student. For more information, contact Jeanette Korth at the school: 428-3455.

Printer Cartridge Recycling Drive: Lindsay is collecting used deskjet printer cartridges from Hewlett Packard and other popular printers. The school gets credit for each cartridge returned for recycling that can be used for purchasing new software and computer equipment.

Digital Cell Phone Recycling: LHF will also be able to turn old digital cell phones to the ink jet recycling company. We will receive about $5 per phone sent in. Bring in your cell phone batteries as well.

Paper Recycling Drive: The Holy Family Parish will be collecting newspapers, office paper, cardboard, phone books, and paper bags. The large green dumpster with ‘recycle’ symbols on its side on the West side of the school is available to deposit your paper. Instead of throwing your paper away, recycle and help raise some money for the Holy Family Parish.  Magazines are now welcome.